Idk about you, but I think it’s amazing that Veggie Tales has been around for 20+ years and none of the vegetables have rotted in all that time.


Let the Flames Begin with the Oh, Father outro is so dope.

Oh Father

Oh Father

Oh Father

My Jesus


When I am ready won’t you let it begin, 

cause I am here now.

I want to dance in

the mighty palm of your hands.

I wonder how many people realize they’re Christians..

I’ve never heard this outro. This is amazing.


Went to bed at four. Got up at eight thirty so I could babysit at 9:30. Finished at twelve thirty. It’s now nap time… Idk why 9:30 is the only one I didn’t spell out, but I didn’t realize I was doing it until it was already done. I’m tired. Good night.

Anonymous: When I start dating, if my boyfriend wants to have sex, how should I tell him I'm waiting until marriage. I'm sure men HATE to hear that! It's like saying either u have to marry me or break up with me. I'm sure almost all men choose to break up. I know that whoever God intends me to be with will understand why I want to wait, but I also know it will be difficult to do so. What do you think?


Hey, you’ve been sold a lie my friend. There are Godly men out there and it’s ok to hold off until you find them.

Practice this really complicated way of saying that you’re waiting until marriage. It might take a few tries to get the syllables just right so that the men you’re around can understand it, but in time you’ll get it perfect:

I’m waiting until marriage.

It’s actually a great indicator of whether a guy is worth dating. 

If he throws a fit, dump him. Not worth it. 
If he throws a party because he’s found a Godly woman, you can consider hanging around him for a while longer. 

Hope that helps.