Me: Hey, Billie Joe...
Billie Joe: *groggily* mmh
Me: Billie Joe.
Billie Joe: Hmm? Wha...
Me: Billie Joe, September ended. It's October now.
Billie Joe: Mrhh, five more minutes.

I forgot how much I love this song until I was looking for something in the attic tonight and found a scrap of paper with the title written on it.

(To my friends outside of the US who do not have access to Spotify, I apologize. Idk if the thing will even show you what song it is, so it’s Worthy Of It All by David Brymer.)



I’m going to the bridge tonight. if I manage to sum up the courage to jump off, give beaner to my sister, and then please sell my things. give money first to my sponsor kids Rashmia and Enoch. secondly give 400 dollars to my mother. 534 to my roommates and then if any is left over, give the rest away.

I’m so sorry to anyone who I have ever hurt. it seems like the list is much too long. I’ve been too angry, too selfish. I wish I only had shown love to all of you.

I’m afraid to die. but I’m afraid anyways while I’m living. I’ve done so many awful things. please forgive me.

I’m on the phone with police right now.
Watch this post for updates. I’ll just be editing it in. 

11:39 First call to police: I just talked to an officer. I’ve given him all the information on where she might be and what she looks like. There’s nothing more I can do. Her phone is off. I’m 45 minutes away in a small town outside Edmonton. I’m going to drive and try to find her. I also talked to Shawn, a local pastor she’s been talking to lately and told him what’s up, but he hasn’t replied. 

11:51: the police made it in time. They talked her off the bridge. She’s safe. she’s safe. 

Oh thank God. I missed all this somehow; I had no idea.

Guys, pray for Bry.

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Ah, Zuko is realizing that he’s not who he’s expected to be.

Aww, they sheared the little koala sheep to make a bed for Aang! Hahahahahaha, Aang’s final good dream! “No, Fire Lord Ozai. YOU’RE not wearing pants!”